Do Not Paint In A Room Without Ventilation…

Posted: September 11, 2000 in Personal, Work

Hello Everyone

Well I have had an exciting evening. I was doing some spray painting for school tomorrow, and without thinking, I was in my studio, with the doors and windows shut, and the heater on. After about 45 minutes, I was feeling woozy, so I stood up, and had a head spin like no other.

So I came into my mum’s bedroom, and woke her up to go down to the Hospital. I got there, and had to explain that I was not a drug addict, but in fact, and Art Student, with no knowledge of proper workplace safety, even though I have passed Occupational Health And Safety two times in two years.

I finally got seen by the only doctor on duty, and was given an Oxygen mask, and two Panadene for the throbbing in my head.

The looks and responses I received all indicated that the Emergency Dept. thinks I am a Paint-Sniffing drug addict.

Oh I love living in the Western Suburbs…

Anyways, this weekend has been the most boring yet, except for Saturday night, when I went to visit Jessica for “a few hours”, and came home 1pm Sunday arvo, after we all went to Nathan’s house to Watch a video, and by the time it was over, it was too late to catch a train home.

We watched ‘The Bone Collector’, which I must say, was a pretty good movie! a bit of graphic mutillation never hurt anyone!


Then we watched ‘American Pie’. I had already seen it before, but it is sooooo worth seeing again. The sad part was, I was relating to a lot of the stuff in the movie (not the sock or the pie or even the premature ejeculation bits either) just the whole being single bits, and all of that.

Sad I know, but thats me…

Nah, I have been extremely happy lately, for the past couple of months, which I am not complaining about in any way! I just hope I can pull it off until New Years Eve. I am always unhappy then, because everyone has someone to spend it with except me.

Okay I am gonna shutup now, because if I don’t, I will start feeling down, and break my record.

See ya all later…

~*Axeman Out*~


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