The Axeman Turns 19!!!

Posted: July 13, 2000 in Shenanigans

Hello Everyone!

Well I have finally turned 19, which was a shock to everyone in my life including me. My party went really well, with only my really close friends turning up, which in a way made it better. No one dressed up in costume, even though I told them to (it was a 60’s party), but it still went well, even though I insisted on wearing my Afro Wig everywhere, including the bottle shop, where I got quite a few weird looks.

I got heaps of groovy things too, including a lavalamp, a heap of hawthorn (Australian Rules Football) stuff including a uniform for my teddy, a blue squishy ball light, some groovy japanese candles, a picture frame, a keg of beer, and some cards with scratchies in them, where i won $6

Thanks to Gavin for supplying an excellent keg of a very excellent home brewed brew!


I got my results from Uni the other day, and I failed the Semester by two classes, which is bad, except apparently I can make them up by doing all of the work again, and resubmitting it all.

Oh Joy to me!

I talked to Stacey yesterday a couple of times. I am still finding it extremely hard to talk with her, but it is getting slightly easier with time. I still can’t make eye contact with her, or anyone really for more than a few seconds, except with her, I can’t make eye contact at all.

I have no idea why, so I am hoping I figure it out soon, and fix it all up.

Anyway I gotta go

See ya all later

~*Axeman Out*~


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