Axeman In The Wilderness (Part Four)

Posted: June 30, 2000 in Shenanigans

Hello everyone!

Last night we were all sitting around the fire, and we invited the new neighbours over.

They are both down from Canberra, so we had a bit to talk about. There were six people from Melbourne, two from Adelaide, and two from Canberra, so it was a mixed conversation.

Yesterday we all headed up the coast to Apollao Bay. There wasn’t much there, but we washed our clothes at a Laundromat, and then we found the local pool-hall, and had a few games.

Then we decided to find the 12 Apostles. (There are only eight left, apparently).

Anyway, we got lost and ended up at the Cape Otway National Park.

We went up to the lighthouse, and the views were unbelievable!

If those photos turn out, I will put them up on the web for you too!

Anyway see ya soon

~*Axeman Out*~


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