Oi! Oi! Oi!!!

Posted: May 21, 2000 in Shenanigans

Hello people, The Axeman is back again.

Well this weekend has been exciting! It all started on Friday night, when my friends and I decided to go to a concert in Fitzroy, at the Tote Hotel. Well coming from Footscray to Fitzroy is a fair way out, in case you weren’t aware of it.

Anyways, the bands playing were punk bands, so I figured it would be kinda crappy at first. Then I found out who the bands were.

There was Shaft form New Zealand, The Smugglers from Canada, Mach Pelican from Perth and Asia, and The Hard-Ons from Melbourne.

I decided to go into the mosh pit for Mach Pelican and Hard-Ons, so Mach pelican came on, and in I went. When I came out, I looked at my leg, and I had blood all over my jeans.

One small problem though… It wasn’t my blood!

anyway, I forgot about that, and went in later on for The Hard-Ons. It was totally going off, and for the first time ever I saw Crowd Surfers and Stage Divers at a Pub. The whole place was really going off, and security got me twice for getting carried away and throwing people around the place like rag-dolls.

And last night was the top of the tops!

It was my close friend Cassie’s 18th Birthday, and we all did a typical Pub-Crawl. We started at The Punters Club in Fitzroy, and stayed there for a while, but it was a little crowded, so we decided to move to another pub.

When we went into the next one, the first thing I saw was a Gay Pride flag on the wall. That is when it hit me that it was a lesbian pub. you see, Cassie’s sister and her girlfriend suggested it, and they are both lesbians.

Anyways, we were playing pool and stuff, and some of the things I saw were so funny, like two lesbians Dry-Rooting in the corner. I was thinking to myself ‘How is that possible?!’

I met two good-looking bi-sexual women, and they were being a little more than friendly, but I am not like that. If the girl is drunk, I do not take advantage, much to a few of my friend’s disapproval. They are all saying ‘Go for it, you can get a root’ and stuff like that, but I am not like that. If you have learnt anything from this Web-Journal, I want commitment in a relationship. I know I can probably ‘get a root’ with a drunk chick down the pub or something, but I want it to be a special memory for me, not a memory of a drunken hazy ‘root’ in a pubs toilet cubicle.

I hope people can see where I am coming from here, I am still a little tired and all of that, so I think I will go now.

See ya all really soon

*huggz ya all*

luv The Axeman

~*Axeman Out*~


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