Posted: April 10, 2000 in Boring, Car

Well so ends another boring day for The Axeman.

Today started as normal, like any other Monday with a driving lesson around the neighbourhood, and eventually to school.

On the way, I decided to go to VicRoads to check up on that car I mentioned in a previous entry that was around the corner from Nathan’s house.

I found out that a standard search now costs me $6.50 to run, as well as the fact that I have to fill out a Declaration Form saying that ‘I will not use the information gained from the search for evil, rather good’.

The results were very strange. The Plates and the Chasis Number matched up, and were not stolen (Very Good) but the Engine Number came back as INVALID or Non-Existant (Very Bad). The guy said that the number didn’t register on their computer as anything, meaning it had either been tampered with, or the engine was from Interstate.

So I figured I should stay well away from that car, for obvious reasons, and see what else turns up, if anything.

So I left VicRoads, and decided to drive straight to school.

It came to my attention as I was passing through Sunshine, with about 30 mins to spare for class to start, that I had not only left my Tool Box full of art supplies at home, but also my school bag with my scetch book and folder of notes.

anyway, see ya all later,

~*Axeman Out*~


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