Car Hunting

Posted: April 9, 2000 in Boring, Car

Hello again, how are you all?

Didn’t get up to much today, just sat around since I woke up at about 9:30 on the internet, (which is really weird, cos I usually sleep till mid afternoon) until I got a call from my friend Nathan.

“Get over here soon, there is a car around the corner from my place for sale. The guy only wants $550 for it. It don’t look to bad!”

So I headed over there a few hours later with my mum’s car jack, cos we had to work on Nathan’s car for a bit, then we went down to see it.

When I saw it, I couldn’t believe it! I was expecting a total rust bucket, but there before me was a very nice looking car. Now I don’t know much about cars, but Nathan knows a fair bit, so we both looked over it, with the owner not too far behind us. I am not saying it is a perfect car, it is about average, but for $550 it is a very good buy.

Only one small problem. apart from it not being registered for a few months, was the fact that the guy didn’t have the Registration Papers.

He said he got it from a friend of a friend, which made me start to wonder. So I got a pen and paper from him, and I wrote down the Engine and Chasis Number, as well as the License Plate Number.

Tomorrow I am going to VicRoads, and finding out if any of the three numbers are from a stolen vehicle, and also, if all three numbers belong to the same vehicle.

For people who don’t like cars, or know anything about them, I am sorry about the above display of Auto-Crapola.

I’ll try not to do it again, cos I have trouble understanding it all, too.


anyways, I gotta go.

See ya all later!

~*Axeman Out*~


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