Music CAT 2 Is Over!!!!!!!

Posted: October 15, 1999 in Music, Personal

Well, the Music CAT-2 that I was stressing over is now over!!! It went as well as I could have possibly Imagined! We obviously found a replacement for the Guitarist possition, filled by our new best-friend Blake Williams from the other Year 12 band. He would have to be one of the best guitar students that I know of! he managed to learn his part for all of the songs in three days, having only Two actual rehearsals with the band, and a 10 minute jam before the exam.


Our complete set was only six songs, but they were a bugger to learn, since none of us ever got along with one another.

The set Comprised of the following songs, with me on the instrument shown:

Moondance – Van Morrison / Bass guitar

Sunday Morning – No Doubt / Bass Guitar

No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley / Bass Guitar

La Grange – ZZ Top / Lead Guitar

Midnight Hour – Wilson Pickett / Lead Guitar

April Sun In Cuba – Dragon / Lead Guitar

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